She is back!

On September 19, 2011, in Crazy Stuff, Mom, by Jennifer McPherson

Where the hell have I been? Nope – not in prison, I know that was the first thing that came to your head. Sorry to disappoint! Really what happened was one night I went into the kitchen for a midnight snack and found E.T. raiding the pantry, I didn’t have any Reeses Pieces so the short, heavy head took me back to his planet where he held me hostage and forced me to wear a Raggedy Ann costume 24/7. My job was to manicure and shine his red tip fingers daily until they were as shiny as Rudolph’s nose.

Or maybe that didn’t happen and Network Solutions had a major issue and they blew up my blog and did not have a backup. Oh well, here is what I have been doing while I was away:

  • Moved from Washington State to Colorado – Oh yeah! Do you know they have sunshine on average 300 days a year here?
  • Working. Still working at my awesome firm, just from our Colorado office. LOVE my JOB people… not everyone can say that – but I can!
  • House hunting, searching for that perfect place in the burbs! And by the way we found it, our new home in ‘Enhancementhood’ should be finished in February. I opted for granite counters throughout so I won’t be in the double D club with all the size zeros. Sacrifices people….
  • Bike riding and hiking. Did you know when you move out of the Pacific North Wet you can go outside and do all sorts of fun things!
  • And finally, probably LOTS more stuff but nothing as earth shattering as my E.T. abduction.
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8 Responses to She is back!

  1. mcphedav says:

    Welcome back, your interesting take on all things has been missed. However, absolutely NO blogging about my handy man skills.

  2. Andrea Ruane says:

    So glad you are back! I really enjoy reading about the kids and your perspective on life.

  3. Grandma says:

    Oh my, must be your age – you forgot the most important thing that happened since you were blown up – – you became a Grandmother! Tell the whole world!

  4. Grandma says:

    Love the top of the page!!

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