Boston Red Sox… Hey Cool Hat!

On September 25, 2011, in Crazy Stuff, Mom, by Jennifer McPherson

Oh Yeah… Datenight!  Tonight we left after dinner and decided we would be out for drinks and conversation!  We went to Rock Bottom Brewery – one of my favorites for yummy beer (which I hardly ever ever ever drink people).  I have a one beer limit which, tonight left me just a tad tipsy. 

As we are leaving there is a woman with her husband in a booth near the exit.  Both CLEARLY Red Sox fans (ahem – I am not a big sports person, hubby is a huge Sox fan, in fact when I titled this post, I spelled Sox – SOCKS, thank goodness he corrected my error).  Anyhow I am rambling, Dave says to the woman, nice hat (you guessed it, a Red Sox hat).  She returns the compliment about David’s hat (Red Sox, of course).  It was like they had their own mini club that only other Red Sox people could understand.

This conversation followed (maybe it has to do with my microbrew, but I think my question is ligitimate):

Me: Do you suupose if you were a plastic surgeon, you were out and as you leave the restaruant you notice a woman with an amazing enhancement you would say to her, “nice boob job, are those Silicone 5000?”

Hubby: Bah – hah… that’s funny.  I don’t think it is the same thing (as the Red Sox hat thing).

Me:  how is it different, you are a Red Sox fan and the other people ovbiously are as well, so you compliment on what you like.  So there is this imaginary guy who is a plastic surgeon, therefore he has interest in enhancements.  He spots one that stands out above the rest and he feels the urge to compliment.  No difference… aside from one being baseball and the other being boobs, or jello boobs I suppose.

Hubby: It is different.

I dunno, I guess I’ve had enhancements on my mind lately (NO WORLD, there is NO WAY I WOULD EVER GET THEM).  I am about to move into a new neighborhood that will be full of enhancements – my  house will be nice, but my boobs will be prunes and theirs will be coconuts.  I mean, they have built in life preservers, I wonder if they get a discount on their boating insurance policy?

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2 Responses to Boston Red Sox… Hey Cool Hat!

  1. Grandma says:

    Very cute. I agree with Dave. It was the microbrewe talking but still very funny!

  2. Red Headed Mess says:

    HAHAHA…… but rest assured…… no life preservers here!!

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