Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!

On September 30, 2011, in Mom, Second Set, by Jennifer McPherson

Oh WOW - are they sitting still for storytime?

You wondering what could honestly be better than sliced bread?  How about butter on sliced, fresh out of the oven bread.  Oh yeah… the good stuff.

Or if you are 4 and 2 years old – better than bread, or butter or both would be a trip to the local library. For Knight and Ann Marie a trip to the library is equal to going to Target knowing they are getting to pick a new toy.  They love it!  And our local library ROCKS!  The section for the kiddos is actually closed off by double doors from the rest of the library. I am pretty sure it has sound proofing in the walls too. Out with days of embarrassment as your pack of monkeys runs wildly through the library screaming with excitement in the one place in the world that parents are terrified of being called out by the librarian! 

They must have about 100 stuffed animals displayed at kid height and actually for the kids to play with throughout the place. I used to HATE going to the library with my Wild Kindom of Knight and Ann Marie.  Their tiny stature is totally misleading.  Little racers running in opposite directions pulling book after book off the shelf. Leaving me no choice but to act like they are my horrible neighborhood kids that I got stuck babysitting.  But this library is like the Mercedes of libraries specifically designed for kids like mine.  Spacious, sound proof room, fully loved stuffed animals – some the size of a real tiger or bear, kid educational games with kid size tables and chairs and why of course, shelves and shelves of books.  Did I mention another awesome thing about this library, they have a bin at the end of every row for you to place the books that your kids randomly pull off the shelf and you have no idea where it goes nor could you possibly put it back without your kids pulling out 5 more while you do it. 

I LOVE this library as much as my kids do… Good Job Broomfield Library.

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