Poo Poo Head!

On October 12, 2011, in Mom, Second Set, by Jennifer McPherson

Do you think the Ingalls children; Laura, Mary, Carrie and Grace ever got mad at one another and yelled out:  Poo Poo Head! Or even worse, called their mother a Poo Poo Head. 

I bet they wouldn’t dare!  Ma Ingalls would be on them faster than a fly on… Poo Poo!

Look at this two year old cutie.  Sweet, innocent, adorable. 

Me:  Ann Marie you need to go put your shoes in the closet.

Ann Marie: No…..  (silently under her breath but loud enough for me to here) poo poo head.

Ok… so now I am speechless.  My two year old just called me a poo poo head.  The problem, I could not find the Ma Ingalls balls to give my sweet Ann Marie the look that says, oh no you didn’t!!   Instead, I turn my head away while I snickered quietly to myself.  Of course, after taking a 30 second giggle break I did send Ann Marie in time out for her offense. 

I swear I am ten, I think potty talk is funny; theme parks are awesome and jumping into a pile of the couch cushions never gets old! 

Let’s face it, getting old is boring.  What things from your childhood do you hold onto to keep you young?

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2 Responses to Poo Poo Head!

  1. Hey there!
    I still enjoy licking the batter from the bowl and skipping in the rain!
    I ride roller coasters now — which I did not do as a kid!

    And I am proud of you for putting her in time out once you got past snickering! 🙂 Be tough, mama. Don’t give up the ship!!! 🙂

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