The Friendly Rude Girl

On October 17, 2011, in Mom, Second Set, by Jennifer McPherson

Ahhh the joys of grocery shopping.

With a 2 year old that is. 

It was a major overhaul, needed everything including cooking sherry but she was no where to be found – probably kept in the back room, her outfits tend to be on the risky side (Wocka Wocka Wocka!).  

The trip included myself and Ann Marie.  I have to admit, this trip was one of the better ones.  She was patient in the cart and maintained herself as well as a two year old does. 


We got to the check out line.  While the checker was scanning all the groceries Ann Marie took it upon herself to flirt with the bagger. 

Ann Marie:  Hi!

Bagger:  Hi.

Ann Marie: (louder this time) Hi!!!!

Me: Ann Marie, when you say Hi to someone and they say hi back you don’t keep saying hi. 

Ann Marie giggles a cute little two year old giggle then continues on with her flirtatiousness.


Not even a second later my manic two year old rudely yells to her new found boyfriend:

Ann Marie:  Those not your groceries! 

Me: Yes, those are our groceries, he is helping to put them into bags so we can take them home. 

Ann Marie: (really grouchy now) THOSE NOT YOUR GROCERIES!  THOSE MINE!!!

Me:  Ann Marie – you are being rude and that is not OK.  It is not nice to talk to people like that. 

Me to bagger: I am sorry, there is only one explanation, she is two.

Suddenly the smoothness of our trip disinigrates.  Everything seemed to slow, I felt like time was going at half speed, especially the checker scanning my groceries. 

Amen. Checking complete.

The kind bagger asks, would you like any help out?  I kindly decline and as we are walking away my manic Deva lays on a big ole cutesie smile at him and says: Bye bye.

What is your most embarrassing 2 year old story?  How did you handle it? 

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