Off on a Mission Trip – Senegal Here She Comes

On October 30, 2013, in Crazy Stuff, First Set, Mom, by Jennifer McPherson

In 24 days Beau is off to Africa.  She will be spending 12 days on a mission trip in Senegal.  My 16 yearGirl petting puppies old has the opportunity to learn firsthand how to truly appreciate what she has, how privileged we are in America and how to have compassion for all human life.  This is not anything she can learn simply from reading about it. This experience will be the ultimate of all experiences in her lifetime.

I cannot even begin to count the times in a single day that I complain about some ‘first world problem’.  At times I wish I was going on a mission trip to bring my privileged ass back down to earth and realize how silly my life’s complaints really are.  Like, my coffee this morning was not waking me up enough. I sit here in my huge heated home, with a fridge and pantry full of food, a phone in one hand and a computer on my lap.  It is actually really disgusting when you get right down to it.

Can you imagine not eating for days? I mean REALLY imagine having nothing to eat for days at a time.  How many times do you look at the clock and think, I am starving and I still have an hour before lunch.

An HOUR people….

Can you imagine walking a few hours to get a gallon of water? How many times have you thought, man I wish this coffee shop had a drive through so I don’t have to get my privileged ass out of my car.

What?  Get out of my car and go in?

Can you imagine watching your child dying of starvation? That is unthinkable and an impossible place to mentally go.

We are a privileged society.  While we (yes I have done my share of complaining about this) complain about healthcare and how we don’t get this or how we are entitled to that, many people in other countries have never even see a doctor.  They die from simple, treatable diseases.

While we sit in our big houses complaining about being too cold, being too hot, not having: a drive thru Starbucks close by, a newer model car, more money, better healthcare, more toys for our kids, a new ipad, a new phone, a house cleaner to clean our mess, etc. People from within our country and from around the world fight every day to live another day.

We are finger pointers and non-doers. That being said….. I think I feel a mission trip in my future. I need a ‘bring me back to earth’ experience that hopefully will ultimately change my perspective.

I am incredibly proud of Beau and her courageousness for going into a country where she has to get shots for diseases we don’t even have and most of us have never heard of.  She is going to change someone’s life, to make it better for them.  I believe she will come back changed herself.

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