This weekend included some awesome activities.  Easter of course, and all the things that surround it. Jesus, hard boiled eggs, candy, plastic grass that I will be cleaning up for the next 5 years.  Fun times. Here are my top 5 weekend highlights, all are true to the best of my knowledge!

Top 5 Weekend Highlights:

5.  Getting a message from a friend saying:  ‘See you tonight’, then realizing you scheduled the babysitter for the next night, really? Fortunately our sitter was able to change within a few hours notice and we got to go to the party! Whew…

4.  Easter is awesome for many reason, one of my favorites is opening the fridge when people are standing around, then blaming someone for farting (hard boiled eggs in the fridge = nasty stinky). I know… that is so elementary, but still really funny.

3.  I am writing an alternative analysis for roadway design…..

Really ugly deviled egg

2.  Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE eggs.  They gross me  out more than just about anything.  Think about it, who was the first person to see an egg come out of a chicken’s private area and say: “Hmmm, I am going to eat that!”  Despite my eggophobia, I decided I would make Deviled Eggs.  It took me over 5 minutes to peal one egg, I am a giver upper, so we are now having Deviled Egg (yes, it is singular people).  And one more thing, my egg looks like it belongs on a Pinterest Fail site.  Oh and one final thing….. We didn’t have paprika so I used chili powder on top! 

Saving the best for last…

1. Invisible furniture is awesome! We dodged the cracked babysitter phenomenon and made it to our friends 40th birthday bash. Yay!  Carrying a case of beer and a veggie tray I walked across their living room steadily heading toward their sliding door to join the crew already outside.  Next thing I know I am on my face.  Literally, not like, yeah I had so much to drink I was on my face, more like, there was an invisible table and I walked right into it and fell on top of the beer and veggie tray and was on my face! I even knew they had an invisible coffee table, not exaggerating people, they have a coffee table made of clear Plexiglas. Last time we were at their place we actually had numerous laughs about the invisible table and all the mishaps it has cause.

Looking back on the night I would not have it any other way though. It was funny as anything!  It did make me realize when you are older, shit hurts a LOT more when you fall, I am still limping like a baby around the house!   If the opportunity ever presents itself, I am getting invisible furniture cause that right there is funny as hell!


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