Yeah, That was Completely Unexpected

On April 25, 2014, in Crazy Stuff, by Jennifer McPherson

Dog looking at ownerWhen I left my house this morning it was a complete disaster.  I don’t mean there were a few toys laying around and a couple of shoes out of place.  By disaster I mean there were dishes stacked, floors that were in desperate need of attention, and children’s toys and clothing strewn around all levels of the house. A bomb went off in my house and everyone survived, with the exception of  household clutter everywhere.

No time for cleaning however.  Kids needed to be at school and I had lots of other important out and about things to do.

I left home at 7AM and returned at 4PM.  As I opened my garage door I suddenly remember the utter disaster that lie before me. Wishing with all my might the mess I left this morning was merely a figment of my imagination, I reluctantly entered.

As I walk through the door a fresh clean scent overcomes me.  I round the corner into the kitchen and nearly faint.  Spotless!  Every counter was bare and clean. Sparkles caught my eye as my hands glided softly over the freshly sealed granite. Beyond the kitchen where the toy explosion and dirty laundry once lay, my hardwood floors were visibly cleaned and waxed.  I have not seen the floors so pristine since we originally bought the house a few years ago.  I walk through every room of my house completely dumbfounded.  Every carpet was vacuumed, every bathroom scoured.  The toothpaste that was cemented on the counter as though it was now a permanent fixture was GONE.

WHAT happened?  Who do I owe this remarkable welcome home to?  I turned the corner to my bedroom and there I saw the finishing touches on my toilet were being finalized.  Standing over the bowl on hind legs, with an apron tied around his waste, a spray bottle in one hand and scrubber brush in the other, was Locke, my 2 year old Beagle-Kelpie mix.

Yeah, that was not expected.

Literally this morning I was saying to myself, I wish my pets would clean my house.  They laze around all day long and we wait on them hand and foot.  There seems to be something wrong with this picture. And low and behold, not only does Locke have the ability to clean my house but he also has ESP.  Who knew!

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