Why I want to Write for Portlandia

On April 30, 2014, in Crazy Stuff, by Jennifer McPherson

Reasons I want to write for Portlandia:

1.   Anyone who knows me understands that every episode of Portlandia could have come directly from my brain.

2.  Every single day I see things and instantly think – DUDE –  that could be a Portlandia episode.

3.  I worked in Olympia, Washington, which is like Portland lite.

4.  I lived in Poulsbo, Washington which was right across the bridge from Bainbridge Island which is like Portland lite with wealth.

5.  I currently live a few miles west of Boulder, Colorado which is identical to Portland but without the rain and with legal Marijuana.

6.  Since I lived in Washington State most of my life, I HAVE been the people in the “patch of light” as seen in this episode of Portlandia.

My first two episodes would be:

Aerial Dance Hippies. Fred and Carrie are hippy lovers who express themselves by wearing a full body unitards while aerial dancing. In this episode they clumsily experiment with various unique poses.  They have a distorted visual of themselves as they wrap themselves inside the aerial apparatus (much like a preschooler imitating a ballet dancer, inside their head they are fabulous), eventually becoming completely entrapped.

Husbands Purses. Carrie is a fashion designer who creates a strap which goes over her shoulder to carry her husband as a purse. As she walks around town with her husband purse ladies stop her at every turn to find out where they can get a husband purse.  Carrie goes into a store and purchases some clothing, when paying her husband purse hands her his wallet.

The endless episodes that play every day inside my brain, makes for pretty awesome free entertainment.



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