What is this? My Child Is Married!

On October 19, 2015, in First Set, Mom, by Jennifer McPherson

Being a parent is almost like going to the grocery store with a list, checking things off as you go along.  When your Maddy wedding 5children are young there are obvious Check List Items; for example, your babies first word, sitting up alone, walking, talking, and so on.

Then in elementary school it is reading, playing with friends instead of along side of friends, and finally understanding jokes!

Middle school consists of watching your child’s perceived drama unfold and melt down, then think inside your head…. Oh Lord if only that was all I had to worry about, all the while supporting them in their time of need.

High school means watching your child excel at sports, academic achievements, driving, dating, dances and of course graduation!

And then… your child gets married….  There are so many ‘how could it be so’ moments that go along with this mile stone.  1:  How the fudge am I old enough to have birthed a child and raised them to adulthood?  Surely there must be a mistake…..  2:  How is my baby…. the one who needed me but didn’t need me, who cried for help yet pushed me away when I tried to help, the baby… who relied on me for everything – who would not be alive if not for her parents feeding her and making sure she had her basic needs met…..  HOW…. is she old enough to be a grown person, to have her own mind, to have her own love, to be in the world as her own human????  HOW????

This week the second born of my first set got married…. I watched her stress days before the wedding, I watched her get drunker than all drunk during her bachelorette party (like any young 23 year old would!), I watched her get ready – fret over her hair and dress, watched her walk down the isle, watched her stand with her husband to be at the altar, simply watched her grow…. watched her marry her love, her kindred spirit, the one…. who was placed in the world for her to find and cleave to….

I am speechless.

It was 23 years ago she was born… and 23 years later… she is grown and on her way.

It happens, I know…. Just way too fast….

Congratulations to my baby girl and her husband – my new son. As a parent, this is just another milestone that never crossed my mind as I was changing her diaper, or as I sat on the floor with my arms stretched out ready to catch her as she took her first steps, or when I saw her face light up as she ran into my bedroom waving a dollar the tooth ferry left her for that first baby tooth!

I keep telling myself, it is just another milestone, like all the rest, etched in my memory like it was yesterday. I will cherish this one like all the others.

Proud and Happy!!!