Mama Had a Baby and Her Head Popped Off!

On February 16, 2015, in Crazy Stuff, First Set, Mom, Second Set, by Jennifer McPherson

Cartoon of woman with head not attached to her bodyWhat does that mean exactly?!?

Personally, I think it means mama had a baby and then a few more and then they grew and mama became slightly more and more insane every day until her head popped right off!

OK, maybe, I am ever so slightly exaggerating.

My head is still attached.

Some days my kids look at me like I have gone mad.  Right in the dag-gone middle of my mega mom melt down the corners of their mouth’s curl just enough for me to notice the gratification they consume over my monster-size justified fit.


So, waaaaay back when, so far back the internet does not even have the answer….  Small children were witness to their mom’s head popping off during a totally justified meltdown.

And that my friends is how that child’s favorite chant came to be.

Or maybe not but I think it fits and is reasonable so I am just gonna roll with it.


Eating Dinner Together as a Family

On December 17, 2013, in Crazy Stuff, First Set, Mom, Second Set, by Jennifer McPherson

Drawing of bottle labeled poisonWe eat dinner as a family every night.


Because we go along the crazy psychiatrists and psychologist theory that it’s a good time to connect.  And connect we do my friends!

Most nights it goes something like this.

Ewe!  Ewe! Ewe!  I am not eating that.  That’s disgusting.

Then as only good parents would do, we say:  Eat your dinner or you won’t get dessert.  And then the children whine.  And then we say, ok, take 5 bites.  And then they whine some more taking the next 25 minutes to take a single bite then spit it out and so on.

Occasionally we make food our kids like. Mostly we make grown up food because we secretly want our children to suffer.

The other night I made the most awesome broccoli cheddar soup.  Oh. YUM!  Ann Marie tries a bite and yells:  “I’m not eating this.  It’s POISON!” as she jumped down from the table and ran into the other room.  Apparently she’s onto me.

The rest of the family continues eating poison when Beau says: “Does marriage sounds like death…”. Hubby rapidly responded through laughter “YES”.  Humph…. I see withholdings in his future…..

Aye yes… God is great, beer is good, and kids are entertaining (and now you’re singing that song)!