Doh! Stupid Auto Correct!!!

On May 8, 2012, in Crazy Stuff, First Set, Mom, by Jennifer McPherson

You know those hilarious auto correct conversations floating all over the internet?  People texting a word but their phones auto correct feature suddenly has a mind of its own. Randomly correcting words – incorrectly – leaving the text recipient with their jaw dropped going – Huh? What?

A few weeks back Beau was all dolled up and going to her prom with a few girlfriends. As I drove them to the restaurant they contemplated about how embarrassing it would be if they were the only ones dressed up.

Beau: What if there are no other Prom kids at the restaruant?  What if we are like the only ones.  Like how embarrassing.

I dropped them off and as I was driving away I see two huge SUV’s full of prom kids.  Immediately, I grabbed my phone, pulled in an empty parking area and excitedly texted my daughter – and wham – like rapid fire I hit SEND.

Right as I hit send I noticed that auto correct made its own random correction. Oh… No… It… DIDN’T!

Here is a my text message (as my daughter then posted on her Facebook).


A week or so later…. My daughter texted me about needing some hours for something or another.  I responded quickly and again – right as I hit send I noticed auto correct was messing with me again!


Auto correct has it in for me…..

Need I say more…  What is your auto correct text nightmare?

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