Did You See That Post on Facebook?

On October 28, 2013, in Crazy Stuff, Mom, by Jennifer McPherson

Ever notice while waiting for the doctor how nearly everyone under the age of 80 is on their cell phones? NOT talking on their phones, that is woman playing on her cell phonejust weird, but texting, cruising the internet, tweeting their wiener, checking mail, and of course – checking their status on Facebook.  Then suddenly you realize, oh my gosh – I am ‘these’ people.  You’ve assumed the exact same position, head down, hand up, thumb positioned precisely from maximum scroll capability.

Suddenly, your lips are pursed and you sheepishly put away your phone vowing not to be ‘these’ desperate and addicted to technology Facebook people.  You are clearly above their status. Your phone goes in your pocket, only moments later you begin the mega anxiety phase of withdrawal.  You posted something like five minutes ago and now your phone is alone, in the dark cold depths of your pocket.  The anxiety builds and excuses of importance start to self generate inside your head.  ‘These’ people are just checking their status, but what I just posted was indeed very important so it will be OK for me to check, just once and really quick. Completely justified, you take your cell from your pocket and check your Facebook just one more time. Not because you are ‘these’ people, who are completely hopeless without their technology, but because what you posted was of actual importance.  Right?  I am sure they would all agree with you…


Google + Is there room for one more?

On September 21, 2011, in Crazy Stuff, Mom, by Jennifer McPherson

Do you remember when friends were people you called on the phone to chat with? 

HELLO?  May I please speak to Sarah?

Or if you ran out of sugar you could go to the neighbors house and ask them to borrow a cup. 

Hi Neighbor no name.  Mommy McHousewife is in the middle of baking 5 million dozen cookies, for the PTA of course, she ran out of sugar, may we borrow a cup?

Cell phones, My Space, Facebook, and now Google+ have allowed us to never actually speak with any of our friends using our voice!  Whew… I was getting concerned I was at capacity and soon would run out of words.  Imagine how much cooler this technology would be if we actually RAN OUT of words – it would be ground breaking! For instance let’s say when you are born you only get 5 million words and when you use them up you can no longer say anything.  Maybe there would be a buy up plan, roll over words or something you could negotiate with your maker, I don’t know.  Or you could trade your words with others like trading cards.  So if you were going to a NASCAR race you would call up hill billy Joe and trade him 300 words so you don’t stand out like the upper class highly educated person that you are. I am sure you get the idea….

This all reminds me of a post my husband did at the turn of the New Year,  2010 The Year We Stopped Talking.  Do you think that over many hundreds of years our voice boxes will begin to be genetically phased out?

Personally, I think social media, cell phones, all technologies surrounding computers and the internet ROCK THE WORLD! There is no better way to connect in a world where we no longer have time to bake 5 million cookies for the PTA or even join the PTA for that matter.  And when your kids are grown (as two of mine are), it is a great way to visually see them and see what they are up to in their lives on a regular basis.  I love it!

What do you think of social media?  Are there too many choices to choose from? Do you still borrow sugar from your neighbor? Do you even know your neighbors name?

So… those who want to spy on me, not talk to me to my face or using their voice on the phone or those who just want to collect silent friends – you can connect with me HERE.

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